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Energy Efficiency

Sustainable Manufacturing

Green construction benefits everyone, both today and into the future. American homes consume about 25% of all the energy used in the United States and about 75% of the water.

Sustainable manufactured home construction simply means using smarter building methods complemented with more energy-efficient materials and appliances to reduce the impact on the environment. Equally important to you as a homeowner, these benefits save you money on the initial cost of your new manufactured, modular and mobile home, and through reduced utility costs after you move in.

The benefits of green, sustainable construction are significant:

  • Cleaner air inside your house means a healthier living environment for your family
  • Less waste of materials keeps costs down
  • Better energy efficiency can significantly lower your utility bills
  • Our methods can reduce energy consumption by more than 50%

Gum Tree Homes will always focus on and promote the efficient, environmentally friendly use of high-quality building materials, fixtures, and appliances. Even at the manufacturing level, we support innovative ways to reduce waste and use less energy while building premium quality, sustainably manufactured, modular and mobile homes.

Energy Efficient

Whether you currently own a home or you are renting your current residence, you know just how costly the monthly expenses for utilities (electric, natural gas, fuel oil, etc.) have become. In many cases, the cost of monthly energy usage is approaching one’s mortgage or rent payments.

We understand just how important this significant expense has become in our customers’ budgets. We are invested in making sure your new manufactured, modular or mobile home is as well insulated, thermally protected, and as energy efficient as possible.

Our customized, manufactured homes are designed to conserve energy (and reduce associated utility costs) while ensuring you have maximum year-round indoor environmental comfort.

Our homes are professionally engineered to meet and/or exceed the specific climate zone requirements for this area (as identified by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development). Each home design is thoroughly assessed, examined, and tested to ensure it meets or exceeds all pertinent efficiency codes before being anchored to your foundation.

We use the finest building materials available to ensure this tight, integrated, and secure thermal envelope for your new home.

As we help you select, customize and finalize the plans on a new manufactured, modular and mobile home that is exactly right for you, together we can determine your best choices in this monetarily important energy efficiency arena.